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Ordination Chalice of Fr Simon Ašič
Title: Ordination Chalice of Fr Simon Ašič
Author: Jože Plečnik
Dating: 1930
Provenance: Cistercian Abbey Stična
Ident. no.: reg. št. S 173
Materials: tombac, quartz, rock crystal
Measurements: 19 cm (height)
On display: Permanent exhibition Life behind Monastic Walls
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The chalice is decorated with one precious ston. The top of the chalice is completed by a cup that does not have a crystal base, as is the case with Lukman’s chalice. The chalice is made of tombac. The inscription on the underside of the stand: »Dar očeta P. Simona Ašič Rock Springs Wyo. ZDA. 31.VIII.1930/ Izd.Ivan Kregar Ljubljana.« (Gift of father of Fr Simon Ašič)