Explore Slovene Museum of Christianity

The museum is located in the oldest still operating monastery in Slovenia. Visitors to the museum have an unique opportunity to peek inside the mighty Abbey, walk through the beautiful Gothic cloister, Baroque church, monastery courtyard and learn more about the life of Stična's monks in the past and today. Until the founding of the Diocese of Ljubljana (1461), the Cistercian Abbey Stična was considered the most important religious, ecclesiastical, cultural and economic center of Carniola. Today, the almost 900-year-old monastery is the only Cistercian Abbey in Slovenia and at the same time the largest Romanesque architectural monument.


Stična Abbey is the largest Romanesque architectural monument in Slovenia and an eloquent witness to the close connections of Stična with Western European culture. Today we can admire all the most important architectural styles of the last thousand years - Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo. The most interesting witness of the Romanesque is hidden in the church attic, where the Romanesque light floor is completely preserved.

The construction of the Gothic Cloister took place in 12th century. The cloister was painted several times during the Middle Ages, which shows the great wealth and prestige of the Abbey. The monastery increased its possessions at the expense of the rich donations of many noblemen, many of whom are today buried in the monastery.