Explore Slovene Museum of Christianity

Guided Tours



All visits to our museum take the form of guided tours. There are several reasons for this. The first and most important is that the tours can be customized according to the visitors’ age, interest and prior knowledge. The second reason is that the guided tour includes a visit to the monastery. Because the monks still live at the Stična Abbey, the monastic rules must be obeyed during the visit to the cloister and the church and this can only be assured by appropriately trained guides.




The guide will take you through the permanent and temporary exhibitions of the museum and explain the history of Christianity in Slovenia. With his or her help you will become better acquainted with the stories of the exhibits and thus gain an experience of various historical periods. Another advantage of a guided tour is the opportunity for visitors to ask questions. Guided tours are offered in Slovene, but on prior arrangement also in English, Italian and German.