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The oldest sculptures in our collection used to be a part of three Roman tombstones that were found in the area covered by the Stična monastery. Years ago the museum purchased a wooden Gothic sculpture of St. Margaret, which was made in approximately 1389. The museum also holds a 15th century relief depiction of Mary, which used to belong to a Nativity scene, a Pietà from the Senožeče parish and a stone torso of an unknown saint, which was supposedly created for the Stična monastery by a sculptor from the Ljubljana Sculpture Workshop.


The best Baroque works are the excellent whole body statues of saints from the former altar in the Ursuline church in Škofja Loka. They were made sometime around 1789 by Peter Žiwobski who lived in Podbrezje. From the 19th century works we should mention the plaster sculpture of the Maribor bishop Anton Martin Slomšek, dated to 1880.  This sculpture was created at a smaller scale by the sculptor Franc Ksaver Zajec as a memento of the placing of Slomšek's tombstone in the Maribor minster. 20th century sculpture is represented by the works of France Kralj (an outline for the main altar in the church of St. George in Selo near Žužemberk, approx. 1919, Christ Resurrected, approx. 1923, Mary on the Throne, 1930), France Gorše (Bishop Irenaeus Frederic Baraga, an outline for Baraga's statue in front of the parish church in Trebnje, 1978, Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, 1953, St. Jacob, 1956, a memorial medal with the depiction of dr. Anton Korošec) and Ivan Zajc (Mary with Child on the Throne).