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Leopold Kozlevčar's antiques collection

Leopold Kozlevčar (1. 11. 1904, Šmartno near Litija – 18. 12. 1988, Stična) lived in Slovenska vas near Mirna. He got involved in collecting already as a youth, and he collected artwork in Slovenia as well as abroad. In 1985 he and his collection of cultural and historical objects moved to the Stična monastery, and with his death he left his vast collection to the Ljubljana Archdiocese. His collection includes Biedermaier furniture (most of it from the Hmeljnik castle in the Dolenjska region), statues (Baroque and 20th century), paintings by established Slovene artists (F. Bergant, L. Layer, M. Stroy, I. Grohar, M. Sedej, Šubic, F. K. Zajc), paintings on glass (over 80 paintings), liturgical vessels, clocks from the beginning of the 19th century, a numismatic collection, a collection of glass and porcelain craft products and ethnological objects. Leopold Kozlevčar is buried within the Stična monastery walls.