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Wax figurines

Our museum houses one of the leading wax figurine collections in Slovenia. Most figurines depict baby Jesus and the nativity scene, baby Jesus the Comforter, the infant Jesus from Prague and the Virgin Mary. With over 40 objects this collection is comparable to similar collections in Europe. Most figurines, clothes, crowns and similar accessories were given to us for safekeeping by the Škofja Loka Ursulines between 1990 and 1992. Most figures were severely damaged, however, they have been thoroughly researched and restored. In 2005 the museum presented most of these figurines at the temporary exhibition entitled Jesulus Pragensis: The Infant Jesus from Prague and Other Wax Figurines in the Slovene Museum of Religion. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue (bearing the same name) which included the reproductions of the exhibited wax figurines.