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Master Scribe Bernard
calligraphy workshop
The largest preserved collection of medieval manuscripts in Slovenia originates from the Stična Abbey. In the 12th century, at least 12 scribes worked in the scriptorium of the Stična monastery, among whom the French scribe master Bernard stood out in terms of importance.
In the workshop, students learn about how manuscripts were created in the 12th century. With the help of scribe master Bernard, they enter the world of medieval scribes in Stična Abbey. They discover materials, knowledge and forgotten skills.
Students receive calligraphic pens and ink. With the help of the workshop leader and a template with the alphabet, they learn to write in protogothic - the script used in medieval manuscripts from Stična Abbey.
  45+ min
  3 eur
  accessories are provided by the museum
  hosting is possible
  Slovenian language, History, Social study
● learn how medieval books were made;
● get familiar with medieval writing and writing materials;
● learn about the importance of cultural heritage.