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The bright side of the "dark" middle ages
  calligraphy workshop
The Middle Ages are often referred to as the Dark Ages. But was everything really so dark back then?
The calligraphy workshop is intended to get to know a different Middle Ages. Students discover the long-forgotten knowledge of scribes and book painters who created the most important treasures in medieval monasteries. They think about the sustainability of knowledge transfer media then and now.
They are tested in the role of medieval scribes from Stična Abbey. With a calligraphic pen and ink, they learn to write in protogothic - a script that is typical of manuscripts from Stična from the 12th century.
  45+ min
  3 eur
  accessories are provided by the museum
  hosting is possible
  Slovenian language, History
● think about the “dark” Middle Ages;
● discover the cultural significance of medieval monasteries;
● compare knowledge transfer media then and now.