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Terra Sancta 1910
6.9.2020 - 10.11.2020

You are invited to join us on Sunday, September 6 2020, at 11 a.m.
in Maribor Synagogue, Židovska ulica 4,
for opening a photographic exhibition

The largest Slovenian pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

In September 1910 a group of 540 Slovenian pilgrims went on a great pilgrimage to the Holy Land. There was also a photographer in the group Peter Naglič, who documented the pilgrimage. His photographs are the only photographic source about this interesting event.

The exhibition will be presented by author of the exhibition dr. Marko Frelih, curator at Slovene Ethnographic Museum. The exhibition will be opened by Peter's Naglič grandson Matjaž Šporar.

An exhibition, which was prepared by Slovene Museum of Christianity and Slovene Ethnographic Museum, will be on display in Maribor Synagogue till November 10, 2020.