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The Mysterious world of medieval scribes
The year 2020 was marked by the covid-19 pandemic, which completely shook our world. Despite difficult and uncertain times, crises have always been a time to think about the future. It turns out that in the future we will all have to devote more of our time and attention to self-sufficiency. This was something completely natural for a medieval man. In the Museum of Christianity in Slovenia, we took a closer look at medieval scribes. In the production of the medieval manuscripts, they were almost entirely dependent on themselves. They had to be skilled craftsmen and have a good knowledge of chemistry, as they often carried out all of the phases of creating a book. They knew how to prepare the parchment, the writing tools, ink and colour pigments. Could we learn something about the importance of self-sufficiency from them?
To find the answer, we invite you to visit the permanent exhibition ‘The Mysterious World of Medieval Scribes’, where you will see a part of forgotten knowledge, that we have so easily dropped from our hands and our head in the last millennium.