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Our painting collection consists of artworks dating from the 15th century onwards, however, the majority of the artworks were created by 18th and 19th century artists. The oldest depictions are the Gothic mural of St. Eligius and the mural with the fragments of the painted coats-or-arms. In the past these murals adorned the former chapel of St. Paul which stood next to the former entrance into the Stična monastery. It is assumed that they were created by Johannes de Laybaco in the mid 15th century. They are joined by the Gothic stained glass with the depiction of St. Catherine of Alexandria from the parish church in Lom under Storžič. The 18th century paintings in our collection include the works of Fortunat Bergant (St. Florian, St. Vitus, 1763, Mary, Consoler of the Afflicted), Anton Mihael Fayenz (St. Joseph, 1772), Valentin Metzinger (St. Nicholas, approx. 1740), Anton Postl (St. Joseph with the Child, Our Lady of Sorrows) and Janez Potočnik (St. Bernard). From the 19th century paintings we should mention the works of Matija Bradaška jnr. (The Birth of Christ, 1929), Leopold Layer (the painting The Dept had been Erased from 1825 is supposedly his last work), Mihael Stroy (St. Francis of Assisi, 1843, Holy Family, 1865) and Anselm Wissiak (St. Cyril and St. Methodius in front of Rastislav, the King of Moravia, 1863). The collection also includes 20th century Slovene artists: Ivan Franke (St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Ecce homo), Maksim Gaspari (Beautiful Vida, 1940), Ivan Grohar (St. Francis Xavier Baptising a Black Boy, 1905–1911), Gabrijel Humek (a selection of paintings), Ivana Kobilca (Portrait of the Blessed Martin Slomšek, 1879), Leon Koporc (St. Benedict, 1984), Anton Gojmir Kos (St. Francis of Assisi), Elda Piščanec (Mary with Child, approx. 1940), Maksim Sedej (Country Wedding, 1943, Holy Trinity), Albert Sirk (Mary with Child, 1939), Lojze Spacal (Village Saints, 1945), Matej Sternen (Portrait of the Collector Leopold Kozlevčar, 1947, St. Leopold, 1947), Jela Trnkoczy (Portrait of the Stična Abbot dr. Avguštin Kostelec), Ivan Vavpotič (Suffering Christ, 1905), Jernej Vilfan (Adam and Eve in Paradise, 1982) and Ivan Zajc (Worshipping Mary, the Mother of God, approx. 1930). From the contemporaries we should mention the works of Mira Ličen Krmpotić (14 Stations of the Cross created according to the meditations of the Prague Archbishop Mgr. Miloslav Cardinal Vlk, glass fusion, 2011) and Matej Metlikovič (Mary with Child, design for an embroidery on cassock, 2006).