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Little restorer
  creative workshop
Old museum objects are often damaged. Before we prepare them for a museum exhibition, we have to clean, restore and protect them. This is taken care of by the museum conservation and restoration expert, who restores the object to its former splendor with special procedures.
Students visit a restoration workshop and learn about the work of a museum conservation and restoration expert. They receive a worksheet with a picture of the “damaged” artwork and rty them selves as little restorers. They find a statue or a painting and draw the missing parts on the worksheet.
Students get to know museum objects more closely and practice careful observation. The workshop encourages them to be aware of the importance of preserving cultural heritage.
  45+ min
  3 eur
  accessories are provided by the museum
  hosting is not possible
  Fine Art, Nature study, Social study
● are trained in observation;
● learn about the profession of restorer;
● learn about the importance of preserving cultural heritage.