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Medieval Initials
creative workshop
Book painting flourished in the High Middle Ages. In the scriptorium of the Stična Abbey, the most beautifully medieval decorated initials in Slovenia were created.
The workshop presents the profession of a medieval illuminators. Students learn about the materials, pigments, and procedures used by the painters in their work. They explore the meaning of the initial, its symbolism and motifs.
Following a medieval procedure, they paint their own initials. With the help of a parchment stencil, they draw the body of the initial and decorate it independently. Students gain knowledge about the creation of medieval manuscripts and at the same time develop their creativity.
  45+ min
  3 eur
  accessories are provided by the museum
  hosting is possible
  History, Fine Arts, Art History
● learn about the cultural significance of medieval monasteries;
● learn about Stična scriptorium and book painting;
● they use medieval materials and procedures in their creation.