Explore Slovene Museum of Christianity

Forward into the Future
4.12.2023 - 10.12.2023

The campaign is organized by the Slovenian Museum Association and the Service for Movable Heritage and Museums at the National Museum of Slovenia. The goal of the campaign is to share the research and spread the awareness in the society about the importance of sustainable development and care for the future.

With the opening of the hiking trail, The Way of Cistercians, the Slovene Museum of Christianity places part of its exhibitions in an outdoor, natural environment and joins the more than 6,300-kilometer-long route that connects Cistercian monasteries and traces their activities through six countries.

On foot or by bicycle, in the fresh air, in a beautiful landscape, hikers can spontaneously and casually learn about the economic activity of the Cistercians of Stična. They can find out that sustainability is not only something we strive for today, but already in the MIddle Ages, man was extremely sustainable by striving for self-sufficiency.

Above all, walking or cycling along The Cisetrcian Way offers a break from the everyday rush and something we all need: relaxation!

Go through it and try it out!