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The paths of a book
Tadej Trnovšek, Sara Primec, Jernej Kotar, Marta Kotar, Tomaž Hočevar, Metka Starič, Barbara Pečnik, Andrej Perhaj, Matej Šteh, Maja Lampret, Borut Lampret
210 x 148 mm, 16 pages, language: Slovenian
Price: 0,50 eur
With the project The Paths of a book, we enable you to get to know the thousand-year-old Slovenian written heritage in one day in the Dolenjska region. The brochure is designed as a worksheet, as we are aware that experiential learning is much friendlier and more effective for everyone. An unforgettable world of scribes, masters of copper engraving, printers, bookbinders and guardians of Slovenian book treasures awaits the students.